Asia’s Forgotten Kingdoms – The Kingdom of Queen Alli

After almost 10 years when I was going with the German Praktikum (temporary position) understudies through Elephants Pass, viewing a similar Lagoon where I crossed at midnights struck how things were changing the world over in an inconceivably brief time.

While the German understudies were videoing the Lagoon, my brain reviewed the once prospering Nallur city off the shore of the Jaffna Lagoon, which was before the capital of the Naga kingdom. The Northern piece of Sri Lanka throve amid the Naga Kingdom from sixth century BC to the center of the third century AD. Nagas were of the Tibeto – Burman starting point, a Mongoloid race and relocated to India 4000 BC, determined by some political unsettling influences from Central Asia through the North Eastern wilderness of the Himalayan mountain run.

Nagas were a conspicuous non-Aryan race in India and their names are as yet saved in different parts of India. The Indo – Aryan attack in the Indian subcontinent had driven them South and they attacked promote South towards Sri Lanka.

This may match with the hypothesis of the Aryan attack in the North-western part of India and their extension to different regions heading out the indigenous individuals of the Indus valley human progress, the Dravidians advance south.

The Nagas were reliant on the ocean for their living and built up exchange with India, and created craftsmanship and culture. They additionally adored serpents, which is in the symbol of Lord Siva. Kudiramali, a place close Silapaththurai, a western beach front languid town off the Gulf of Mannar too was a seaport and a capital of the Naga race.

There are unbelievable stories around an “Alli” ruler who decided that region and had an awesome enjoying for pearls. Her warriors were ladies and she detested men. Amid her opportunity pearls were traded to Arab nations and consequently Arab stallions were transported in through this port. That is the means by which that port inferred its name Kudiramalai (Horse Mountain).

Because of characteristic causes the ocean overwhelmed the Kudiramalai territory most likely by tsunamis caused either by a solid violent wind or quake.

Recollections encroached on me of minutes when I had gone by 10 years prior Queen Alli’s destroyed royal residence. The thundering floods of the Gulf of Mannar were battering the dividers of the demolished royal residence, which, all things considered, was submerged by the ocean.

Incredibly the destroyed royal residence was all the while withstanding those compelling ocean waves for somewhere in the range of thousands years, however it has lost a noteworthy segments to the ocean. When I ventured into the surrender like within it I wondered about the engineering of the upper part of the divider’s passageway. Other than the dividers, I barely discovered anything inside yet the vibrations of the battering waves outside of the divider, which was resounding inside bafflingly.